Thank you for visiting Dinner At Your Door.  As of January 9, 2015 we are now under new ownership of FARM TO FIT, a locally owned meal delivery service.   CLICK HERE to order from their menu options and use promo code DAYD for 10% off your order. 



To have the most similar dining experience to Dinner At Your Door, we recommend clients to:

–      Go to

–      Choose “3 DAY ONLY PLAN” which contains 3 individual meals, single portion sizes 

–      Repeat for as many servings as you need for your household

–      Check out using promo code DAYD and receive 10% off your first order


Contact Farm To Fit for questions and more information!



****If you have a DAYD gift subscription your promo code will work at




It is my great pleasure to announce that as of January 9th, 2015, local meal delivery service FARM TO FIT has purchased Dinner At Your Door.  This is very exciting news as FARM TO FIT has so many options to choose from.  Your meal delivery can now include breakfast and more lunch options, or you can stick to dinners only.  Plus they offer specific calorie counted meals! I am confident this change in ownership will be a benefit to your weekly meal delivery needs. 


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm; who knew my little idea that started in my sister’s kitchen would blossom into a thriving service necessary to alleviate meal pressures during the busy week!  In the event you have any DAYD bags/containers please add them to your collection of Tupperware as they will not be collected. 


If you would like to get in touch with me please find me at Opal 28....971-544-7324,,